Your Lucky Irish Penny

        What is the Perfect Gift for the Irish Man, Woman or Child in Your Life?

The Gift of  Irish heritage! A piece of Ole Ireland

    The pride of the Irish shows in this Penny and is reflective of the Irish culture.  The Irish Harp the (national symbol of Ireland) the Gaelic writing, The Hen and her chicks (farm animals were Irelands Main economy) The size, an inch in diameter, weighting nearly a ounce; this Penny truly is a work of art! 

    The minting stopped in 1968. The majority of these big beautiful Pennies were collected and melted down. Some were saved and made their way across the Atlantic, preserving a piece of Ireland's heritage 
for her descendants, that would be all of us Irish here.

This is a gift of Irish heritage to be passed from this generation to the next.

For the legends of the Lucky Irish Penny
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This Penny is becoming scarce as is the opportunity to own one. 

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Irish Penny on Necklace $19.99 
Irish Penny on Key Chain $19.99
Irish Penny on Bag Tag $19.99

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Lucky Irish Penny on a Greeting Card - $19.99

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