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The Lucky Irish Penny

January 27,2005 Minneapolis, MN With the popularity of poker, casinos, lotto's and sports - games where an element of luck might decide the outcome - the belief in The Lucky Irish Penny has emerged as a popular lucky piece.

Many Irish - and others - have tucked a lucky penny in their pocket just to give themselves a edge on the completion and the odds. These pennies are imported directly from Ireland and placed in a custom made bezel on a key chain, bag tag or necklace. It has been said - and not only by the Irish...

“Tis the greatest lucky piece on the face of this earth”.

Legends of the Lucky Irish Penny

*  The Lucky Irish Penny is returned money given as a gesture when the price of a transaction was agreed upon. To this day, this “lucky penny” tradition survives in small farming communities. 
*  Another legend began in the mid 1800s when young people were leaving Ireland to find a new life across the Atlantic. In their pockets they put a penny, a way of bringing a bit of Ireland luck with them. They were bid farewell with the following toast - “May our pockets never be empty.”
*  Later, it became a belief that a penny in your pocket with the date of your birth year was double good luck. In 1928, the legend of the penny as a lucky piece was renewed when Ireland minted their first Irish, Gaelic currency, which is this penny. 

The Lucky Irish Penny is available from Good Luck International which sells them - along with good luck talismans from different cultures - over the Internet and at Irish fairs.

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